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What would more VISITS, better CONVERSIONS and HIGHER SALES per transaction mean to your business?

If you are like most people looking to grow a business then those three targets will be a high priority for you. Well what if there was an exciting, modern and cost effective way to significantly increase all of them at once. And what if it also left you with a great piece of marketing that you could use over and over again across multiple media at no extra cost. You would certainly take that wouldn’t you?


Well that is why using video in your marketing is so important in today’ ever-changing, online business world. And the fact that You Tube is now the second biggest search engine there is (2nd only to Google which now owns it) proves that it is not going away anytime soon. Here are a few more reasons that you should be using video to promote your business: 

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But there are THREE HUGE REASONS why YOU should be using GREAT VIDEOS to promote your business right NOW


  1. A great video will increase: visits to your website; conversion rates; and sales per transaction
  2. Most big companies are now using video online; but most small companies still aren’t (and even the ones that are only make tacky amateur looking ones) So you will be far ahead of your competition.
  3. Creative, well scripted, beautifully crafted, professionally produced videos which tell your story and generate great results are not very expensive… so the return on investment is massive


This really short infographic style video highlights key online trends today and the potential impact on how your customers will use technology used in the future.

And finally, the four most influential internet companies in the world all promote video as essential for business:


Facebook say that online video is the key driver to effective social marketing and that social media marketing with video should be a priority initiative for marketers in 2013…


Twitter’s best-practices guides state that tweets with videos generate about 100% more engagement than the average post… 


YouTube now has 8 million unique monthly visitors (more that the population of Europe) which would suggest that people really love video and are influenced by it…


Google purchased You Tube in 2005 for $1.65 billion so they knew how important it would become… and their opinion should count for something!!!!


So if you would like to know more about creating video online for your business; or more specifically the difference between simply having a video and creating a great, business-generating, marketing video, then give us a call: 0161 724 8761

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Below are a carefully selected film list of only a few minutes long that we recommend all of our viewers to watch if you are interested in using video, tweet us at @creative_film to let us know what you think. 



1 minute of video – equivalent to 1.8 millions words

Youtube is the 3RD most visited website

Its videos receives 5 Billions views a day

2nd most popular search engine, only behind google.

More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.

In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube.

Web video organically lifts your website (FOR FREE) up the google rankings the longer people stay on your website.

Like a supermarket or shopping centre, if you can make customers dwell longer in your presence there is a higher chance they will spend more money with you. - The Trafford centre has a food court to do this, your website needs to invest in a professional video.

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(sounds good, no idea what it is)

Color Temperature:  in the sun your face will appear orange and in the cold you may look blue, the camera adds specific measured colours to make your skin tones look as normal as possible. If you get an Inexperienced videographer that has made you look green from the halogen indoor lights. Don't worry this can be easily fixed by adding the opposite colour. Try adding magenta (or purple to you and me)

Compression: The process of converting HUGE video & audio files into a much more easier to manage format either for storage or transmission

Depth of Field: A term used to refer to the amount of the picture in focus. A shallow 'DoF' will see a persons face in crisp focus and the background is blurred, in simplistic terms the wider/shorter the zoom the more of the background will be in focus

Dropped Frames: Frames/image files that cannot be read during a real-time operation i.e. imagine a flip book of 100 images and as you flick through one of the pieces of paper is too big, it would get in the way so it will be removed so the process isn't interrupted. This is the reason the M6 is always a bottleneck near Birmingham, too many cars for the amount of road so if you lower the amount of traffic you get them moving and happy again.

Filter - an expensive chemically enhanced sheet of plastic that makes your footage look like a hollywood movie

Thunderbolt: A nerds dream, a cable developed by apple that can transfer extreme amounts of data up to 10 Gigabytes per second.

Ghosting: when you see the same image slightly off the original image like a shadow. Very frustrating and the principle is exactly like a leaky tap.

Rendering: The process by which video editing systems convert raw video, effects, transitions and filters into a new continuous video file. 

Rushes: Footage that is shot the same day; referred to as "dailies" in the U.S. Term is often used in sports broadcast when as soon as the game finishes the tapes have to be rushed to the studio for upload onto he news channels.

Scrubbing: A scrub bar represents a timeline of video material. It provides a slider/cursor that you can move through the images of the material i.e. with it you "scrub" the bar. So if you want to move through a lot of footage quickly you will have fast/quick scrubbing and if you want to slowly get to a specific part then a slow/low scrubbing speed would be better.

Video Format: Determines the way video is played or stored and is almost the language your video file is written in, some files are more universal than others.  Although this is a very small part of video production, his can be one of the most complex areas for delivering files to clients so is always worth knowing what video files your server can handle....if you have one.

.MOV  .MP4  .WMV   these are all files that video can be formatted in, for example if you think of a bike you would get for Christmas, the file type is similar to the size of the box it comes in. IKEA would probably send it to you in a small box that would probably fit in your car boot but another supplier may wrap it in a box so big you cannot get it through your front door, that is why sometimes videos works great on one computer and others not so much, basically every computer system has a different front door and you have to find a video format to fit. I hope this hasn't lost you.