Online web video

Your people are your most valuable resource. specialises in engaging your audience and creating a fanatical brand following. The experiences we produce have the power to inspire your people to act.

It’s the power to excite, grow, lead or follow.

It’s the power to create true believers.

You want a motivated, focused audience?

We are the video production company for you. 


Value + condensed two days worth of footage into a short series of videos to get their key messages across.

Your live event captured on video.

Words tell a story; creative high quality videography captures the emotions, nuances and expressions behind those words. From promotional corporate videos to celebrations, people tell their story through the spoken word, vocal inflections, eye movement and body language.

See for yourself at how we turned a conference from the Value+ team in Sheffield into a short highlight reel for others who missed the event.



Video Blogs

Are you confident in front of a webcam? You’ll need to be if you want to get new business in the coming months. Video blogs are becoming a hugely successful method of winning new customers, and if you’re not yet on the bandwagon you should start thinking about getting on board very soon. You could be missing out on a huge audience if you don’t get involved.

Why Video Blogging Is the Best Way to Attract Business

1. They’re faster and easier to create than written content.

2. You get to show your human side.

3. They make you stand out among the crowd.

4. You can show people your new product instead of telling them about it.

5. They’re easy to promote via social media channels and arguably more tempting to click on too.

For those of you who want to make your own videos this is a great idea if you plan on doing regular updates. We have a load of useful and handy tips for you and all the equipment you need to do this starting from £450.




Watch our most recent work here and get inspiration from our best deals and offers!

Here is a fantastic example of how video blogs are making ordinary people famous over night.

Case Study: Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles an american video blogger produces tips for women on all kinds of beauty secrets and has been viewed by over 65 million people. She now gets paid an annual 6 figure salary to produce videos on behalf of corporate companies.