How do you describe marketing to friends?


I guess anytime in life if you need to persuade someone to take action, you’re doing marketing….right?


If you’re looking for votes at the local council meeting, or looking for a promotion, you’re marketing.


If you’re #filming a #video for your #website or taking a selfie for your #socialmedia profile or trying to talk your way out of a speeding ticket, you’re marketing.


Marketing goes way beyond advertising, email pitches or the way you do pricing. In fact, most of the time, marketing has nothing at all to do with money at all. 


We’re surrounded by people who would like a piece of our attention, a bit of our trust and some of our action. Those people are marketing to us, and it helps to know what they’re doing right (and wrong).


If someone says, “I don’t do marketing,” they probably mean, “I don’t spend money on advertising.” which are very different things.


Our culture is driven, more than ever, by marketers. The links we click on, the tv programs we watch, the people we vote for–they’re all #marketing artefacts. If you don’t like the political situation, you’re commenting on the marketing situation.


As soon as we take responsibility for the marketing we do and the marketing that’s done to us, we have a chance to make things better (by making better things).