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There’s a huge difference between the shallow pleasure of instant applause and the long-lasting impact of true connection.
— Seth Godin

Businesses in the UK have a real opportunity to make more meaningful relationships with their customers like never before.

Your consumer will most likely have a growing thirst for video content. Did you know Youtube is now the second most popular search engine behind google. Consumers searching for and sharing video content is the new arena to be found for any successful corporation, and your brand has the chance to be at the front of the crowd by using #video to promote your business.


70% of people now watch most video content on their smart phone and what is even more interesting is its when they are mostly on the move. But, with statistics showing that the younger generation switch media nearly every two minutes, if you are creating video advertising, it had better be effective. The YouTube audience continuously demand content to be more creative, more groundbreaking, but at the same time, more genuine. What brands don’t realise is that after liking a video most people will connect through to your associated YouTube channel as will visiting your website.

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Online video and TV advertising is drastically getting cheaper to air because many organisations are jumping ship to a cheaper and potentially just as effective method of communication. Our favourite part of this form of marketing is that video content is a measurable dialogue. Brands need to start thinking like broadcasters, sitting on the same side of the table as their audience and sharing stories that are useful, fun and meaningful. Showing what they truly stand for. When they do they can grow their levels of engagement with audiences in ways they never thought possible.That’s where Creative-film.com can help.

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Short of actually putting your product or service into your customers’ hands and making them try it; nothing demands more attention than getting it seen and heard onscreen by the ‘right’ people. But even a practical, one-to-one, hands-on demonstration could never compete with an audience of hundreds, or even thousands of potential customers intent on watching you from the comfort of their home or office; totally captivated by the story you are sharing…


2 million words in video

You see, making ‘great’ videos for your company is about far more than just standing in front of a camera and talking, or taking a few shots of what you do. It is about telling your story, capturing imaginations, stirring emotions, delivering a powerful message and ‘most importantly’ compelling your prospects and customers to pick up the phone or place an order. Great business videos result in more business. 


Video is no longer an optional extra on websites and in social media. It has become an essential and highly valuable marketing asset. All the top brands in your industry now use videos; some good, some average and some not so good; but they will all be using them. The only choice that you need to make is: Do you simply want a video like everyone else, or do you want to tell a story that will demonstrate your passion for what you do and your commitment to providing the best solution out there; to show your customers why you really are the only logical choice for them.


Here are a few things to consider before choosing which videographer or filming agency to hire and create the single most important online lead generator that your business could use in today’s video-led marketplace:


Video Production in Manchester from Creative Film
  • Will they learn about you and your true value first?

  • Are they able to translate your passion into their own?

  • Can they show you a portfolio of existing client videos?

  • Will their owner GUARANTEE that you are delighted with the result?

  • Do they have the very latest equipment and creative editing expertise available?


Most corporate video production companies will simply talk technology, then turn up and shoot the shoot. We are interested in you, your story and how best to turn it into a super-compelling, visually-stunning, business-generating ‘success story’. And we will use the very best in technical equipment and lighting too…


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Manchester Council has rarely used corporate video production to advertise its investment programmes before but it has proven to be an invaluable tool for prospect cultivation.  By having the corporate video at our fingertips, we are able to send the link and quickly demonstrate the benefits of our regeneration work – when our people have only a few spare minutes a day, this is really important.  It has also helped us appeal to new business communities that are at ease with using the internet and have in fact just recruited a large european partner who now supports our Apprenticeships scheme and I am certain this would not have happened otherwise. We have also found it to be of great use internally.  So many of our colleagues do not really know about the councils programmes and our Directors have been blogging about the work we do and including the link to the video so internal awareness has massively increased. The whole team at Creative Film company keep producing corporate films to exceptional high standards and would certainly use them in future and we would highly recommend them.
— Linda Minshull - Manchester City Council
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Are you having a corporate or live event that would be great to share with colleagues or friends who can't make it and you know don't want to miss out, EASY....... speak with our creative team today who specialise in the very best videography services to compliment your event and will always guarantee the quality and turnaround time to get your footage to you as quickly as you need it. Speak to our team today on 0161 724 8761